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Professional Research Assistant

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_Professional Research Assistant_

Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism & Diabetes is looking to fill a full-time (1.0 FTE) position for a professional research assistant who will manage mouse colonies and mouse experiments, as well as laboratory management and assistance in cell culture and molecular biology techniques in the Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes. The area of research is in thyroid cancer and thyroid disease.

_Professional Field_

The area of research is in mouse models and molecular studies of thyroid cancer and thyroid disease.

_Supervision Received_

The ultimate supervisor for this position is Bryan Haugen, MD. There will also be collaborative supervision on a daily basis from members of the research group including faculty and postdoctoral trainees.

_Supervision Exercised_

The PRA will have no direct supervision responsibilities of personnel. This PRA will be responsible for teaching excellent mouse handling, injection, treatment and dissection techniques to trainees who rotate through the research group. The PRA will also work with individuals as laboratory manager to ensure smooth operation of the laboratory (ordering, compliance, etc)

_Examples of Work Performed_

The PRA will manage transgenic mouse colonies and breeding, tumor injection into xenograft mouse models (flank, orthotopic and metastatic – intracardiac), monitoring of mice on therapies and mouse dissection. The PRA will assist faculty members and trainees to carry out mouse experiments in the thyroid tumor research group. The PRA will assist with regulatory compliance of the mouse procedures. The PRA will also assist with other laboratory procedures as needed, as well as some overall laboratory management overseeing laboratory ordering and management of compliance issues.__

_Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities_

The successful applicant should be motivated, interested in cancer biology and able to work semi-independently to manage transgenic mouse colonies and monitor mice for tumor growth. The successful applicant should also have good organizational skills as a laboratory manager.

_Minimum Requirements_

The candidate should have a Bachelors of Science degree in the Biological Sciences or Biochemistry. The successful applicant will have experience with mice and must be familiar with Word and Excel. __

_Preferred Qualifications_

Extensive experience in research using mice including breeding, genotyping, oral gavage, i.p. injections, tail vein injections and tumor cell injections in xenograft models. Experience with IVIS imaging is helpful. Previous experience in laboratory organization and management is helpful.

Job: *Faculty

Organization: *H0001 -- Anschutz Medical Campus

Title: Professional Research Asst

Location: Aurora

Requisition ID: 15716