University of Colorado PostDoctoral Associate in Boulder, Colorado

PREP Postdoctoral Associate Position at NIST

The Professional Research Experience Program (PREP) is aspecial partnership between theNational Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)and CU Boulder. PREP provides research opportunities to CU undergraduate and graduate students, as well as researchers with a Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD in NIST labs to gain research experience alongside NIST scientists.

The Communications Technology Laboratory (CTL) at NIST is looking to fill their THz Electrical Design, Measurement, and Integration Postdoc Position through PREP.

THz Electrical Design, Measurement, and Integration Postdoc Position

Principal Objective:

Perform and develop metrology for the measurement of high-speed/mm-wave/terahertz modulated optical signals, on-chip amplifiers to 1 THz, and filter manifolds. The candidate will use state-of-the-art on-chip design methods, measurement and integration techniques in the development of mixed optical/electrical circuits operating from DC to 1 THz. Measurements will include on-wafer scattering parameter measurements, and nonlinear electrical measurements.

General Duties and Responsibilities:

· Measure photomixers, and amplifiers on III-V material systems with on-wafer measurement techniques.

· Develop models on the linear and nonlinear behavior of photomixers and amplifiers.

· Characterize material and device properties using optical, electrical, and imaging techniques.

· Work as a team to integrate photomixers with frequency comb and on-wafer electronics.

· Provide technical input in formulating research solutions on problems which have been recognized as critical obstacles to progress or development in areas of exceptional interest.

· Studies will result in a series of publications, providing important changes to existing products, processes, techniques, or practices.

· Present technical results.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

· Experience with electrical measurement techniques such as: linear network analysis, four-probe, load-pull, and large signal network analysis.

· Experience with lasers, optical components, frequency generators, spectrum analyzers, and network analyzers

· Ability to code with, or learn to code with: Matlab, Visual Basic, Lab View is required.

· Experience with microwave electronics simulation software (e.g. ADS) is desirable.

· Ability with mechanical and optical design, and fabrication is desirable.

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Title: PostDoctoral Associate

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